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Docinhos para festa, little sweets for parties, Brazilian truffles, receitas

Receita de Qumbe Qumbe é um doce de coco de origem africana. Leva ingredientes simples, mas tem um sabor surpreendente! INGREDIENTES 2 xícaras (chá) de coco ralado seco e sem açúcar
1/2 xícara (chá) de leite de coco
1 e 1/2 xícaras de açúcar refinado
1/2 xícara de leite
1/4 xícara (chá) de farinha de trigo
Coco ralado para envolver os docinhos PREPARO Hidrate o coco com o leite de coco e reserve.
Em uma panela coloque o açúcar e leve ao fogo até ficar cor de caramelo. Adicione o coco hidratado, o leite e a farinha de trigo.
Cozinhe por mais uns 5 minutos.
Deixe esfriar completamente.
Pegue pequenas porções, faça bolinhas e passe no coco ralado.
Qumbe Recipe Qumbe is a sweet coconut of African origin. It takes simple ingredients but has an amazing taste! INGREDIENTS 2 cups dry and sugar-free grated coconut1/2 cup (tea) coconut milk1 and 1/2 cups of refined sugar1/2 cup milk1/4 cup of wheat flour Grated coconut to wrap sweets PREPARATION Moisten the coconut with the coconut milk and set aside.In a pan …

Sweet table decor using my products

This blog, made by me, has the purpose of presenting the decoratives wrappers for candies and sweets that I sell.
They makes your table very attractive at weddings parties, bar/batmitzvahs, brits, anniversary, birthday, house parties, graduations, corperate events, baptism party, 15th birthday, sweet 16, Easter and Christmas also.
Made in Brazil but exported to any country. I have great prices because I´m the manufacturer. I can offer special conditions for retailers, catering, wedding planners, cake designers or purchases in large quantities.
Payment by Paypal.
Visit my profile on Flickr to see the photo album.
Let me know your opinion about the wrappers, and if you have any questions, comments, quotes just contact me at mirelagoi@gmail.com

I´m glad for your attention.
Mirela Goi
Ma Sweet Cases


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