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Handmade flowers for decorate wedding - Truffes wrappers

Handmade flowers for decorate wedding - Truffes wrappers ​ If you want a luxury wedding you can surprise your guests with our Brazilian handmade flowers. Our flowers are made with a special space inside for you delicate introduce a chocolate, truffle, bombom, brigadeiro or your tradition sweet for wedding. Take a look at our galley with a lot pictures of samples of sweet tables. Shipping to all countries from Brazil, with our experience already send to more than 23 countries as Emirates, USA, Australia, Uruguay, Chile, Canadá. Sure we can reach you in a sort time.  The payment is with paypal most security way of payment witch accept international credit cards you can also contact us for others options of payment.  Whatsapp +55 19 98325-9240 ​ Special prices for business. Contact me Whatsapp +55 19 98325-9240

You can order online www.masweetcases.com.br 

Casamento - Abril 2011 Jundiaí/SP

Forminha Flor Estampa Floral Rosa 

Forminha Flor Estampa Floral Beje

Forminha Flor Estampa Floral Marrom

Casamento de Eliana e Neto - Jundiaí/SP
Abril 2011

Fotos fornecidas por
Lara Stolf (doceira)


Fazendo arte disse…
Olá Mirela, como vai?
Meus parabéns pelo lindo trabalho!!! Suas forminhas levam encanto e beleza às mesas e, com certeza, tornam os docinhos diversos ainda mais saborosos!!! Bjs, Silvina

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